Is BASF Vegetable Seeds right for me?

We think it’s important to give you as transparent a picture as possible. That’s why we actively listen to our own employees and regularly ask them:

What makes us an interesting company to work for?

The answers we hear most frequently are:
• An open and informal company culture
• Pleasant colleagues who are enjoyable to work with
• Heavy focus on career development
• A high degree of freedom and independence in working

Let's take a look at why they said what they did.

An open and informal company culture

Yes, you read that right. Even though you might not expect that from such a big company. Nunhems, BASF's vegetable seeds business was founded in 1916 as a family-run business. Despite all the takeovers and growth over the years, that sense of family is very much still there. That means that we all treat each other in the same way, with respect for each other and each other’s work. And that is something that you see in everyone, from ‘young’ to ‘old’, from trainee to CEO! We work in a matrix structure with line management, but in the workplace, in the corridors, in the canteen, wherever you are on our site, we speak to each other as equals.

Pleasant colleagues who are enjoyable to work with

'The atmosphere is so wonderful that I go to work every day with a smile on my face.' Just an off-the-cuff statement from one of our colleagues. But what does it mean to us? It means that all of us form one part of a whole, all working towards the same goal: to breed, produce, and sell our seeds, so our customers can get the highest-quality, most delicious vegetables at home. That is something we do globally, with employees from all over the world, with a diverse range of cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. Employees who all have something in common: how incredibly passionate they are about their work. That makes BASF Vegetable Seeds a great place to work together with others, and it's something that really does put a smile on your face.

Heavy focus on career development

When you think of career development, the first thing that comes to mind is climbing the ladder higher and higher. Not only can you do that with us, but you can also grow by deepening or broadening your knowledge. We keep a close eye on how you develop. In your first year, after the second and eleventh months, we draw up an individual development plan together. We then review it every year. You and your line manage take the lead, supported and facilitated by HR. Don’t forget that you are at the helm of your own development at all times. And we are the vessel, offering you opportunities through obligatory and optional courses and training to ensure you have a long and fruitful career with us!

A high degree of freedom and independence in working

Let’s go back for a moment. You responded to a vacancy that spelled out your tasks and responsibilities, something which became even clearer in the interview. It’s only logical: you end up in such a large company where everyone is responsible for their part of the whole. But then you actually get down to work and realize that not everything is quite as strict as you imagined. Of course, the basics are as you’d expect, but we really appreciate it when you come up with new ideas to make your job more efficient and enjoyable. That is something our colleagues value. They can do their job in their own authentic way.
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